Meet The Staff

A Tapestry of Tradition and Technology

Welcome to Sewing Connection, where the timeless art of sewing meets the pulse of the digital age. Founded in 2024, our store is the embodiment of a special mother-daughter partnership between Olivia and Chloe, blending decades of sewing expertise with a fresh, tech-savvy approach.

Olivia – The Seasoned Seamstress

Olivia, the mother in our duo, is a master seamstress with years of experience under her belt. Her deep understanding of sewing techniques, fabrics, and patterns form the heart of Sewing Connection. Olivia’s hands have sewn, stitched, and embellished, bringing both quality and a personal touch to our product selection. Her workshops and advice are not just services, but passageways to the rich heritage of sewing arts.

Chloe – The Digital Enthusiast

Chloe, Olivia’s daughter, may be newer to the world of sewing, but her expertise in technology and social media is what propels Sewing Connection into the future. She manages our online presence, from our vibrant social media channels to our engaging and informative blog. Chloe’s flair for digital communication makes Sewing Connection accessible to a new generation of crafters, bridging the gap between traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation.

Stitching Together the Past and Present

At Sewing Connection, Olivia and Chloe create a harmonious blend of experience and innovation. Olivia’s traditional approach to sewing is perfectly complemented by Chloe’s modern techniques, ensuring that every customer finds something that resonates with them, be it through our products or our digital content.

Be Part of Our Story

We invite you to explore our collection, dive into our blog, and follow us on social media for your daily dose of inspiration. For any questions or advice, drop us a line at our contact page below – we are here to support your sewing journey.