Advanced Overlocking Skills- Flatlocking with Kate Mara


Advanced  Overlocker Skills



Advanced skills on your Overlocker

 Extension Class  1

Friday 17th January 2020 10am to 3.00pm

The first extension to the Learning to Love Your Overlocker course covers flatlocking in depth.

The additional pages cover wide and narrow flatlocking and various decorative applications, including ribbon work, decorative thread, beading and creating a blind hem stitch.

The second part of the course is constructing a notebook cover using some of the techniques covered in the course. All fabrics provided.


Requirements List

*Students must have already completed the first Learning to Love Your Overlocker course.

  • The workbook from the Learning to Love Your Overlocker Class
  • Overlocker in good working condition
  • Overlocker tools i.e. screwdrivers etc
  • Instruction Manual
  • Spare needles
  • Scissors and rotary cutter
  • Fabric clips or pins
  • 4 x spools of black overlocking thread
  • 1 spool of grey thread




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