Bernina 325


Small sewing machine, but a big deal



COMFORT COMES STANDARD The most frequently used functions are easily accessible right up front. For example, the start/stop button for sewing without the foot control or the reverse sewing button. The position of the needle when you stop sewing is set using the needle stop up/down button, incredibly helpful when sewing corners. The pattern end and mirror image (B 335 only) features, useful when sewing decorative stitches, are also located here. And with the slide speed control, set the speed you want, up to 900 stitches per minute. Sew fast.

GOOD THINGS COME IN SMALL PACKAGES. 6.3 inches to the right of the needle is plenty of room for your ideas, but hardly any space in your sewing room. And the freearm makes manipulating closed items, such as sleeves or trouser legs, particularly easy and convenient.

BERNINA FREE HAND SYSTEM (FHS) Raise or lower the presser foot while simultaneously lowering the feed dog without having to take your hands off the fabric thanks to the BERNINA Free Hand System. The knee lever makes it possible! The FHS is built into the B 335 as standard with the knee lever optional. The FHS is not available on the B 325.

OH HOW NICE AND CONVENIENT The semi-automatic threader makes threading the needle a cinch and the bright LED sewing light lets you sew through the night. Quickly and easily select the perfect stitch as well as alter stitch width and length with the direct selection buttons. Individual stitch settings can then be saved in the memory, losing nothing. And best of all: you can monitor everything on the screen.

ALL-AROUND EXCELLENCE With stitched lettering (sewing alphabet) and a large selection of decorative stitches, make your sewing projects as unique as you are. Save time with functions like the button sew-on program. Or find the space you need on the popular freearm extension table, which gives you more room around the presser foot and needle. The accessory package includes various presser foot soles; and the Buttonhole foot with slide #3A is included in the B 335 to sew automatic buttonholes. The 3 Series is easily upgraded with a wide range of optional accessories.


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