Brother DreamMaker XE VE2200- Embroidery Only


MOTHERS DAY 2019 BONUS  Upgrade 1 kit  & King Spool Thread Stand Valued at  $490

available until 30/6/19


Brother DreamMaker XE VE2200- Embroidery Only


The DreamMaker XE VE2200 is the most exclusive, feature packed embroidery-only machine ever made by Brother.

With its industry first features, the VE2200 is the ultimate dream machine for embroidery lovers.

The V-Sonic Pen will help you automatically place your embroidery pattern and the droplight embroidery positioning marker will show you the needle drop position with pinpoint accuracy – obtaining perfect embroidery results.

Even better, the VE2200 has a large embroidery area (300x180mm) and is fully loaded with 318 built-in embroidery designs and 14 embroidery fonts.

When you want to explore your creativity in embroidery, look no further than DreamMaker XE VE2200.

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