Grip Strips QR GS


Grip Strips QR GS


Grip Strips QR GS

No More Slipping

 – Stop Struggling With Fabric Slipping While Cutting!

If you’ve used a quilt ruler, you probably already know the frustration of having it slip as you attempt to cut a straight strip of fabric. Whether you compensate by applying extra force to your quilting ruler, which puts stress on your hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulders, or you’ve tried vinyl dots or sheets or some other add-on remedy, they can still slip. Our crystal clear Grip Strips work differently than anything you’ve tried before. They multiply and concentrate the force along the edges of your rulers or templates. Help avoid miscuts and frustration by eliminating ruler slippage. Use our crystal clear Grip Strips on your quilting ruler.

Grip Strips by Guidelines4Quilting

  • No more slipping.
  • No more finger walking.
  • No more aching hands, arms or shoulders.

Package Includes Six 11¾” Crystal Clear Strips.
Repositionable – Reusable – Leaves No Sticky Residue.


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