Cottage Garden Threads Field Journal Club


Cottage Garden Threads Field Journal Club

37 month stitchery program designed for you by Katie from Cottage Garden Threads.

Combining Liberty of London fabrics and beautiful flower stitcheries for you to enjoy with a decadent selection of threads.



Cottage Garden Threads Field Journal Club

Katie from Cottage Garden Threads wanted to create a club using Cottage Garden Threads, Liberty of London fabric, vintage inspired stitcheries and journaling. This is how the Field Journal club was born. A field journal is a notebook used by artists, explorers and botanists to take notes and sketch their findings and observations from nature. They wouldn’t leave home without it. Are you like she is and never leave home without a little project to sneak in a few stitches in those quiet moments of life? A few stitches while waiting for a Dr’s appointment, while catching up with a friend over a cup of tea or coffee at the café, in the car when having to fill in time between going from A. to B? Sometimes, these are the only moments in a day that anyone will get to put thread to needle. They are small moments of mindfulness that are just for me and as they say “A stitch in time saves nine”.

Your Field Journal will be a covered A5 binder that you can make to fill with journal pages so at the end of the club, you will not only have your beautiful quilt and projects, you will have their story too. You can make a matching zippered pouch too which is big enough to hold everything you need to pop in your bag and stitch wherever you go, yet small enough to fit snuggly inside the cover of the journal when you want to keep them together. There are three options for the matching Field Journal and Zippered pouch.

The spine, corners and lining of the Journal and the corners of the zippered pouch are new aged muslin, a gorgeous fabric with a time worn look and feel. The cover of the journal and the lining of the zippered pouch are made from coordinating Liberty fabrics with the front and back of the zippered pouch featuring two stitcheries and English paper pieced Liberty fabrics.


When you join the Field Journal club, each month you will receive:

  • 4 Cottage Garden Threads variegated 6 stranded embroidery thread.
  • 4 pre-printed botanical stitchery designs on hanky linen (4” finished)
  • 4  6 ½” x 6½”  pieces of Liberty fabric.
  • 4 journal pages with a stitch guide, colour photo and a section for journaling (Journal prompts will be provided in month 1)

The RRP per month is $40.

Optional Field Journal and zippered pouch kit contains

  • Pattern and materials for the Field Journal
  • (excludes A5 binder which is a Bantex 2 ring binder that can be purchased at newsagents or office supply stores)
  • Pattern and materials for Zippered pouch that fits snuggly inside the Field Journal.
  • 8cm polished timber hoop
  • Exclusive Field Journal thread kit containing 9 new CGT threads which are stitched throughout the club alongside the 150 signature range threads.

The RRP for the Journal and Zippered pouch kit is $150.

If you choose not to make the Field Journal and zippered pouch, the exclusive thread kit and timber hoop are available for individual purchase. You will need the exclusive thread kit to stitch alongside the threads you receive each month regardless of whether you make the journal and pouch or not.

The RRP for the Field Journal exclusive thread kit is $63.

8cm hoop is $8.80.

The entire duration of the Field Journal club is 37 months, broken down into 12 month subscriptions. At the end of 37 months, you will put together a queen size quilt. Every 6 months, there will be a bonus project to complete such as a cushion, bag or sewing accessories. Each stitchery design does not use a full skein of thread so you will also have 150 threads in your collection. If you would like to opt out at the end of any 12 months, there will be enough materials to make a smaller quilt. The skill level required for the stitcheries is intermediate. An example of stitches used is back, stem, chain, buttonhole, satin, seed, French knot, bullion knot, detached chain.

If you have already participated in our Collectors Club part 1 which collected the first 150 threads in the signature range, there is an option to purchase the club without the threads. You will still need to purchase the Field Journal exclusive thread kit at the start of the club.

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