TRIBAL by Snow Leopard PWSL051.BERRY

$27.70 per metre

TRIBAL by Snow Leopard – PWSL051.BERRY

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TRIBAL by Snow Leopard PWSL051.BERRY

TRIBAL by Snow Leopard PWSL051.BERRY

The Tribal collection from Snow Leopards Designs is inspired by the traditional arts of many of the world’s ancient hill tribes. This includes intricate embroidery the Hmong and Miao peoples of Southern China and Northern Thailand. The exotic Kira woven fabric from the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, with its vibrant and exotic colors. Complementing these are the fantastic patterns and colors of the woven baskets of Ethiopia. These traditional Asian patterns have been passed down from generation to generation.

Among the prints and patterns in this range you’ll find circles, geometric patterns, rich bold color and the inspiration to try something new.


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